Firstly - we are not a Medical Practice, and we are not Doctors, nor do we profess to be such. We leave bio-medicine for those qualified to diagnose and treat serious medical conditions. Our role is supportive and will remain as such.


The principal practitioner at Nu-Life Wellness, Dr. Deon van Aswegen, has a Ph.D in Philosophy, specializing in Holistic Life Counselling, ADHD and other personality disorders, apart from also being registered as an Ethno-Medicine Practitioner. In line with current legislation, Deon is currently upgrading his Ethno-Medicine related academic qualifications in order to comply with new anticipated minimum requirements. This includes a BSc Wellness, having already completed the Master Certificate in Ethno Medicine. Currently, we still offer a full spectrum of services as in our services page, which will be updated to include regression and hypno therapy when the new Interim Council for Traditional Healers have been established. 

Secondly - NO health practitioner can offer a cure for anything. 

Only the body can cure itself, given that it's own innate resources has been mobilized and is fully functioning. When the body is in a position to heal itself, a healthy you is inevitable. 

Healing others, or helping the body to be in a position to heal itself, is a science. It is the science of diet and lifestyle, nutrition and support, and the agents that work symbiotically with the physical systems, that heal and cure people. It is not the practitioner. 

The role of the natural health practitioner is to ensure that the correct nutrients, minerals, supplements, natural organic chemicals and vitamins are given to the body in order to help it reach a critical health level where healing will be automatic. 

At Nu-Life Wellness, you will not find a host of natural medicines. We only stock those that work. What you are going to find, is a wealth of knowledge that focus on anecdotal and traditional remedies. Herbalism and clinical nutrition knowledge forms part of this knowledge base, and we also use modern up-to-date compounds that can help for certain ailments. 

Many remedies that we prescribe you will find in your kitchen cupboard, or even at the supermarket. We have simply forgotten that simple agents like Bicarbonate of Soda, Epsom Salts, Iodine, Raw Honey, Borax, Apple Cider Vinegar and many others can help prevent and fight common disorders like Herpes, the common cold, Acidosis and Candidiasis, even arthritis. 

Depending on your condition, we can also prepare remedies like Kombucha tea, which is helpful for many chronic conditions. Raw vinegar, cultured and brewed from a Kombucha symbiont, is helpful for arthritis and even diabetes myelitis 1 and 2. At the least, a diabetes sufferer should expect a reduction in insulin and medication use, once the benefits of Kombucha vinegar has taken effect. Thus the remedies that we offer is sometimes "brewed" in-house, as they are not commercially available. 

Many suffer from skin conditions - and we felt compelled to formulate a topical cream that will work - as the commercially available products only have limited efficacy. Our in-house all purpose skin care products have been formulated to allow us to add to it. If you have a severe skin condition, we can add ingredients like DMSO or MSM that will be of benefit. If you suffer from a form of skin neuralgia - we can infuse the product with Vit B12 and other therapeuticals, which, with the help of DMSO, can assure transdermal absorption. 

For spider bites for instance - especially Brown Recluse - we have found that a saturated formulation of MSM crystals and Echinaforce drops is very effective! Even a combination of raw honey and turmeric is effective! We still do not know how it works, but suffice to say that it seems the MSM binds to the poison proteins, and the echinaforce work as a antibacterial. The curative powers of Raw Honey is well known, and turmeric (curcumin) is a splendid anti-inflammatory. It is common knowledge in the medical environment that it is NOT the actual BR poison - but secondary bacterial infection that causes BR bites to develop into severe lesions and wounds. To this extent the echinaforce and MSM seems to work together symbiotically to heal the wound and bring the bacterial infection under control. Quickly and efficiently! 

There are many natural strategies available to prevent disease, and we shall post these on a dedicated page - protocols - regularly for your reading pleasure. Be sure to check back frequently. 

If you are suffering from serious disease, but choose to follow the natural path to wellness, we urge you to inform your regular health practitioner or doctor. Some natural remedies may react to allopathics, and we would rather join forces with your doctor in ensuring your health. It is then also possible for the efficacy of the combined remedies to be documented and can help others who face similar conditions. Allopathics are necessary in life threatening or debilitating conditions - we do not say no to them. When it warrants an anti-biotic or anti-inflammatory - take it, but remember to replenish the beneficial flora in the body and gut! This is one of the most important aspects of taking anti-biotics. They kill everything in sight, including the good flora in the gut and body, so you have to replace it. We have specific strategies for that. 

If you need more detailed studies to affirm certain protocols we may prescribe - we can direct you to the page. Just email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we can provide same upon request. 

Our main concern is your health - and we therefore do not concentrate just on the physical - we work with the triad of body, mind and spirit, as these must be in balance in order for wellness to prevail.