At Nu-Life Wellness, we utilise two scanners for the detection of negative health trends and diagnosis of common to less common pathologies. These instruments are non-invasive and accurate. 


Our QRMS (QUANTUM MAGNETIC RESONANCE ANALYSER) Devise is able to scan all the body systems and provide a complete evaluation based upon the electromagnetic wave signals emitted by the cells in the organs as well as fluid-matter. Since the technology is based on quantum physics, in respect of the relationship between quantum mechanics and electromagnetic oscillation as well as fluctuation, it can also detect lack of minerals, vitamins and other areas of health concern, like acidity and obesity.


Nu-Life uses this scanner primarily for anti-aging therapy – in other words, the detection of the onset of age related disease. It is an excellent indicator for sub-health trends, and in particular, in detecting Metabolic Syndrome. Unlike 3D-NLS scanners, it is unable to diagnose. That function is left up to the practitioner.




The other scanner we use, is the 3D – NLS Scanner.


Also called the Metatron, it is designed primarily to assess the functionality of the body and provide corrective informational adjustment via resonant electromagnetic waveforms. 


Currently, the Metatron provides an unparalleled degree of detail, allowing visualisation of potential pathological processes right down to the chromosomal level. The Metatron Metapathia graphical virtual display of the body has an amazing level of detail, and its use of oral informational preparations for energetic adjustment of the body sets it apart from the majority of “copy-cat” energetic medicine devices.




“The fundamental concept in the development of Non-Linear Scanning was the hypothesis that the human body has an electromagnetic information framework that is able to respond to external fields”.  


Scientists state that biological information is exchanged via complex electromagnetic fields or electromagnetic waves or vibrations, and that it is these electromagnetic waves that direct vital functions (growth, repair, regeneration) and biochemical processes in the body. This is in stark contrast to the still widespread Newtonian belief that biochemical processes are the central cause of disease, growth, repair and regeneration.  Professor Vladimir I. Nesterov and his team, at the Institute for Practical Psychophysics in Omsk, Russia, developed the NLS method of analysis.  Using a non-invasive trigger sensor, the instrument works by making an evaluation of an organ’s condition directly due to the resonance amplification signal of the organ under investigation.  

The Metatron system assesses fluctuating wave characteristics of body tissue, individual cells and chromosomes. The client is scanned by the Metatron using a pair of headphones, which emit a range of frequencies of magnetic fields. The results of the Metatron scan are then compared to the resonant frequencies of all normal organs and common pathological tissues in various stages of progression. The resonant frequencies of medications, allergens and foods are also scanned for comparison. 

The results of the comparison are then fed into the computer software programme (‘Metapathia’) where areas of significance are highlighted for the practitioner on an imaged physiological display. 

The distinctive oscillations of every organ and cell are recorded in the Metatron software in the form of a spectral analysis of vortex magnetic fields. Electronic oscillators within the Metatron resonate at electromagnetic wavelengths and energy levels sufficient to read bioactivity of the body tissues, whilst selectively amplifying signals against background noise. 

Having recorded the frequency characteristics of the organ, the Metatron analysis equipment compares them (by analysis of the degree of information exchange between the tissue and the environment) with reference processes (healthy tissue, dysfunctional tissue, pathologically affected tissue, infective agents) and reveals the most similar dysfunctional process or a tendency towards pathological expression. 

The Metatron software contains a great number of pathological processes, with a degree of manifestation, age, sex and other differences taken into account. In this way, the Metatron allows identification of problems in the early stages of manifestation, and can be used in following progression of an organ specific dysfunction. 


“In an unpublished trial of 100 clients, The Dove Clinic, UK, reported an 80% correlation between known pathology and the readout from the device”.


Areas of interest and/or concern in the patient’s body are identified by the Metatron in terms of entropy values (the degree of quantum organisation) – the lower the entropy, the greater the level of structural organisation and functioning; the higher the entropy, the lower the level of structural organisation and functioning.


The entropy values of specific structures are depicted with colour on the computer display. Low entropy (fully functioning) areas are displayed in pale yellow. As the entropy increases the colour displayed on the Metatron Metapathia becomes darker, ranging from orange to red, purple, and nearly black.


The Metatron analysis system also gives a unique opportunity to record frequency oscillations of many natural preparations. According to spectral characteristics, the Metatron can make an immediate comparison of all the preparations stored in computer memory (which may be several thousand in number) with the characteristics of the pathological process and reveal which preparations may be most efficient to help the body restore balance.