We offer a complete health assessment service, which will highlight any problems in the physical system, even latent disease. Once completed, we will then devise a nutrition and supplementation protocol individually tailored to the client's needs. Our practice is registered with the NHA.




Our practice is registered with the Council for Councellors South Africa. We can help with trauma, addiction, berievement, depression, emotional release and general counselling. Our speciality is SE (Spiritual Emergency) ADHD and personality disorders.




We can help you construct a diet and nutrition plan that is individually tailored for your own needs and health goals. If you want to lose or gain weight, we will help you do it sensibly. If you want to increase stamina, or even build muscle, our innovative protocols is not only effective, but more importantly, healthy.




Used as a diagnostic tool, the QRMS scanner will run a test on the complete physical system, highlighting any abnormalities in the body. This information can then guide the practitioner towards a holistic diagnosis of the underlying problems in the body - the cause of the individuals discomfort. At SWC, we will then construct a remedial protocol using only the best organic substances, ensuring that you heal the cause, and not just the expressed symptoms.




Depression, general malaise and fatigue is often the result of brain chemical imbalances. This test will highlight which chemical is deficient or dominant - and we can then correct the imbalance with vitamins and supplementation of minerals and organic chemicals. We can also detect if the brain is receiving enough glucose and if bloodflow is sufficient, helping us to correct, through counselling and nutritional intervention, the ideal balance of brain chemicals for good mental and physical health




Our 3D diagnostic scanner will help identify any serious disease or condition in the body, after which we can treat you, or refer you to the appropriate medical specialist. This particular scanner uses audio imaging technology, and will highlight any underlying condition that may manifest in time. A good diagnostic tool to diagnose the onset of age related disease.




We view anti-aging therapy as prevention of the onset of age related disease. We do not promise to make you look younger, although that is inevitable when you are well and in good health. We will determine where possible future problems may arise, and then implement a strategy of prevention through suplementation, diet and life style changes. In short - it is your wellness that helps the body to maintain a healthy and youthful demeanor, and to that extent we aim to keep you above the hurdles that we always face with illness.




We take a fresh and innovative look at chronic conditions, and devise a plan that will work in keeping you mobile, healthy and well. Often called vertical disease, chronic conditions can be managed with diet, life style changes, vitamins and supplementation. Discomfort and debilitation can result in depression, malaise, fatigue, and the development of other disorders. At SWC, we know that serious psychological problems may result from chronic illness, therefore our assessments will always include psychological profiling, to help you over any hurdles you may be experiencing.




We carry a small stock compliment of vitamins, supplements, minerals and organic compounds that has been proven through clinical studies to be effective in managing your health. A large compliment of products does not neccessarily mean better. Every product or ingredient in our "arsenal" has been verified as effective through rigerous, double blind placebo, published clinical studies. Our range includes products from Solgar, Gaia Organics, Argento Naturals, A. Vogel, Bio-Strath, Efficient Pro-biotics, and our own range of in-house eczema and skin care products. We will also formulate to your individual need, in the case of extreme skin conditions, acidosis and chronic disease management. We also stock compounds like EDTA, DMSO, DCA and will formulate the best remedy for your condition. If we do not have it, we will get the compounding pharmacy to make up any natural chemical (that which cannot be patented) using only organic substances.


Many of the old remedies that have been forgotten can be found at SWC, and if we do not have it, we will get it or make it. Currently we stock organic raw honey, propolis and pollen honey, apple cider vinegar, organic Himalyan salt, unadulterated raw Flax seed oil (cold press, first morning press), Lugol's iodine, 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide amongst others. These are the true "gems" of natural health, and should always be in the "green health cupboard".